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July 1, 2017 Warning coming to pass/ Will this September begin major prophecies?



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On June 27, 2017 I Published a video on the mass deaths of birds, fish, and animals at the end of the video I gave you the warning about the Great Earthquakes that were coming. The very next day there was a 6.0 quake and, the next day another 6.0 quake. As you will see from today's news there was yet another large quake.




If you want to see exactly what I warned you about concerning these Great Earthquakes you can watch the video below that I posted June 27, 2017.


A good watchmen for the Lord will keep his eyes on events to see if they match up with what Jesus and the prophets warn us. One of the prophecies I am keeping my eyes on coming from Revelation chapter 12 concerning the Virgin with 12 stars.  I have also been keeping my eyes on events that happen on the Jewish feast days because it is very possible we may see more prophetic events fall exactly on those feast days.  Jesus Christ has already fulfilled 4 of the prophecies on the Spring Feast Holidays.  It is very possible Jesus will pick up from where He left off.  The next feast to be fulfilled is the Feast of Trumpets as you see from the photo below.  Is it possible that this September 23, 2017 may be the time Jesus has chosen to fulfill this prophecy?  I am sure you will find the video below just as interesting as I did.  All I can say is this. If Jesus has picked this Feast of Trumpets to begin the final last day prophecies I am ready. The question is, are you?  It wouldn't be long before we all know for sure because September 23 is rapidly heading toward us.  For more information about the Jewish Feasts download my prophecy book and read the last chapter entitled: The Rapture.





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