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July 7, 2017- ‘Superbug’ is Spreading Worldwide, WHO Experts Warn


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Headline: Palestinians: UNESCO vote proves Israel’s Jerusalem narrative false

UNESCO has proved that Israel’s narrative with regard to Jerusalem is false, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas said on Wednesday after the World Heritage Committee disavowed Israeli sovereignty over the city. Hamas spokesman Abudllatif al-Qanoun, in a statement to the press, claimed that UNESCO’s resolution demolishes the false Israeli narrative and asserts the Palestinian right in Jerusalem and al-Aksa Mosque. PA spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud made a similar statement to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. Mahmoud called on the international community to “enforce these decisions on the ground in order to lift injustice, oppression and domination practiced by the occupying power against our steadfast people in the city of Jerusalem and against its Islamic and Christian holy places.” The resolution also took issue with Israeli “executions” in and around Jerusalem’s Old City as well as Israel’s “failure” to allow a UNESCO monitoring team to visit Jerusalem. The 21-member World Heritage Committee on Tuesday approved the resolution 10-3 with abstentions as part of its annual affirmation of Jerusalem’s Old City and its walls on its list of World Heritage in Danger.
July 6, 2017

Headline: Netanyahu, Putin said to discuss southern Syrian buffer zone

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as part of ongoing Israeli efforts to convince Russia and the United States to establish a demilitarized buffer zone in southern Syria, according to reports. Israel is pushing for an agreement that would prevent “Hezbollah or other Iranian-backed militias” from operating in the area, which would extend some 30 miles (48 kilometers) beyond the Israeli-Syrian border on the Golan Heights, the Times of London reported Thursday, citing “sources in the Middle East.” That would include the bitterly disputed city of Daraa, where Sunni rebels have fought bloody battles against regime and Hezbollah forces in recent months. Netanyahu has repeatedly discussed the issue with Putin and US President Donald Trump, the report said. Separate media reports said Israel, Jordan and the US had arrived at a separate understanding that any end-of-conflict agreement would leave only Syrian forces in a band along the Israeli and Jordanian borders in Deraa Province — that is, no militias like Hezbollah that are loyal to Iran.
July 6, 2017


Saudi Arabia

Headline: Qatar: We have too much money to worry about what Saudi Arabia does to us

Qatar has said it has too much money to worry about Saudi Arabia cutting diplomatic ties with the country. “We have sovereign wealth funds of 250 per cent of gross domestic product, we have Qatar Central Bank reserves, and we have a ministry of finance strategic reserve,” the country’s finance minister Ali Sharif al-Emadi told The Times. His comments came after Saudi Arabia and its allies promised greater sanctions against Qatar, after announcing last month they would sever formal links with their neighbour which they accused it of supporting terrorism.Qatar’s credit rating agencies have downgraded the country’s financial prospects, but Mr al-Emadi said Qatar still had better finances than its rivals.  “Bahrain and Egypt, they are at junk bond level,” he said. “If you look at Saudi Arabia, they are having genuine issues with their finances. “We are the fastest-growing country in the region, 40 per cent faster than the nearest Gulf Co-operation Council country [the UAE].” Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain said they will “take all necessary political, economic and legal measures” against Qatar in a “timely manner”. They did not specify what those steps could include.
July 7, 2017


Headline: 23 Egyptian Soldiers Killed, Dozens Wounded in Suicide Bombings in Sinai

At least 23 Egyptian soldiers were killed and dozens wounded when two suicide car bombers hit army checkpoints in northern Sinai on Friday, security sources said. The two cars exploded as they passed through two checkpoints close to each other on a road outside the border city of Rafah, the sources said. No group claimed responsibility for the attacks. The army said later security forces had killed 40 militants and destroyed six of their vehicles following the attack. “Law enforcement forces in northern Sinai succeeded in thwarting a terrorist attack on some checkpoints south of Rafah,” the army statement said. The army posted photos of five dead militants in blood-soaked fatigues lying in the sand, though it did not identify which militant group it believed the men belonged to.
July 7, 2017


Headline: US, Russia Reach Deal on Syria Cease-fire

The United States and Russia have reached agreement on a cease-fire in southwest Syria, three U.S. officials said Friday as President Donald Trump held his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The deal marks a new level of involvement for the U.S. in trying to resolve Syria’s civil war. Although details about the agreement and how it will be implemented weren’t immediately available, the cease-fire is set to take effect Sunday at noon Damascus time, said the officials, who weren’t authorized to discuss the cease-fire publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Jordan and Israel also are part of the agreement, one of the officials said. The two U.S. allies both share a border with the southern part of Syria and have been concerned about violence from Syria’s civil war spilling over the border. The deal is separate from “de-escalation zones” that were to be created under a deal brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran earlier this year.
July 7, 2017

Headline: ISIS pushes back against US-backed forces in Syria’s Raqqa

Syrian activists say Islamic State group fighters are battling to repel the advance of US-backed Syrian forces days after they brought the fight to the heart of the militant group’s de-facto capital.The Kurdish-run Hawar news agency says Friday that US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are clashing with the militants in the Rawda district, northeast of the Old City walls. The agency says the fight is bringing the SDF within firing range of the city’s grain silos. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the ISIS fighters are waging counterattacks in the old city, where SDF forces have advanced 200 meters (yards) beyond the walls. The Observatory says the clashes are also ongoing south and west of Raqqa city.
July 7, 2017,7340,L-4986106,00.html


Headline: Facing defeat in Mosul, ISIS mounts diversionary attack to the south

ISIS militants attacked a village south of Mosul, killing several people including two journalists, even as they were about to lose their last redoubt in the city to an Iraqi military onslaught, security sources said on Friday. The assault on Imam Gharbi village appeared to be the sort of diversionary, guerrilla-style strike tactics ISIS is expected to focus on as US-backed Iraqi forces regain control over cities ISIS captured in a shock 2014 offensive. Security sources said ISIS insurgents had infiltrated Imam Gharbi, some 70 km south of Mosul on the western bank of the Tigris river, on Wednesday evening from a pocket of territory still under their control on the eastern bank. The Iraqi military has forecast final victory this week in what used to be the de facto capital of ISIS’s “caliphate” in Iraq, after a grinding eight-month, US-backed offensive to wrest back the city, whose pre-war population was 2 million. But security forces faced ferocious resistance from roughly several hundred militants hunkered down among thousands of civilians in the maze of alleyways in Mosul’s Old City.
July 7, 2017


Headline: EU parliament calls for Turkey accession talks to be suspended

The European Parliament called on Thursday for Turkey’s European Union accession talks to be suspended if Ankara fully implements plans to expand President Tayyip Erdogan’s powers, in a vote which Turkey dismissed as flawed and wrong. The parliament has limited influence on Turkey’s decades-old pursuit of EU membership, now in limbo after bitter exchanges between Ankara and some European countries, but the decision highlighted the gulf which has grown between the two sides. EU leaders have been critical of Erdogan and his behavior toward opponents, both before and after an abortive military coup against him last July. A year-long crackdown since the failed coup and the sweeping new powers which Erdogan won in a tightly fought referendum in April have raised concerns among Turkey’s Western allies.
July 6, 2017


Headline: G-20 protests: Hamburg police call in more officers on 2nd day of demonstrations

Thousands of anti-globalization protesters set cars on fire and tried to block leaders’ delegations from entering the grounds of the Group of 20 summit Friday in Hamburg, Germany, as authorities sent in police reinforcement from other cities on the second day of protests. Dozens of police officers built moving lines in different parts of Hamburg and used water cannons to force protesters away from streets across the city. The city boosted its police presence with reinforcements from around the country for the G-20 summit but asked for more support on Thursday night after the situation started to escalate.  At least 45 demonstrators were arrested, 15 were temporarily detained, and 160 police officers were injured early Friday, including three officers who were hospitalized.  Hamburg’s fire department said 11 protesters were severely injured and had to be transported to hospitals after a few of them fell from a wall during confrontations with police.
July 7, 2017


Headline: US bomber planes fly over East and South China Seas

The US has flown two bombers over East Asian waters, as tensions continue to run high in the region. The B-1B Lancers took part in joint military drills with Japan in the East China Sea, the US Air Force said in a statement. They then flew over the highly contentious South China Sea. On Tuesday, North Korea test-fired a long-range missile some believe could reach Alaska, sparking concerns over its weapons capabilities. A statement by the US Pacific Air Forces said the flights with Japan “demonstrate the solidarity between Japan and the US to defend against provocative and destabilising actions in the Pacific theatre”. Tuesday’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by North Korea sparked a warning from the US that it would use military force “if we must”. The US has been firing missiles into South Korean waters in joint ballistic missile drills in response to the missile test.
July 7, 2017


Headline: Untreatable gonorrhoea ‘superbug’ is spreading worldwide, WHO experts warn

At least three people worldwide are infected with totally untreatable “superbug” strains of gonorrhoea which they are likely to be spreading to others through sex, the World Health Organisation has warned. Giving details of studies showing a “very serious situation” with regard to highly drug-resistant forms of the sexually-transmitted infection (STI), experts said it was “only a matter of time” before last-resort gonorrhoea antibiotics would be of no use. At least three people in Japan, Spain and France have been found to be infected with the untreatable strain, which they could have spread to others.Dr Wi, who gave details in a telephone briefing of two studies on gonorrhoea published in the journal PLOS Medicine, said one had documented three specific cases of patients with strains of gonorrhoea against which no known antibiotic is effective. “These are cases that can infect others. It can be transmitted,” she told reporters. “And these cases may just be the tip of the iceberg, since systems to diagnose and report untreatable infections are lacking in lower-income countries where gonorrhoea is actually more common.”
July 7, 2017


Headline: 6.5-magnitude quake kills 2, injures 100 in central Philippines

At least two people died Thursday after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippines, seismologists and authorities said. The quake struck Leyte Island on Thursday morning at a depth of just 4 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake was triggered by movement along the Philippine Fault. Two people were reported dead, along with more than 100 injured. One was killed in a collapse of a three-story building, Kananga Mayor Rowena Codilla said. Others were initially trapped. The earthquake struck off the coast of Jaro, a community adjacent to Karanga, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said. No tsunami warning was issued.
July 6, 2017

Headline: Massive Meteor Strikes Moon!

A METEOR with the explosive power of TEN cruise missiles has struck the Moon – sparking massive explosion visible with the naked eye.And terrifyingly the 56,000 mph collision – captured by NASA scientists highlighting the catastrophic danger planet earth faces from similar meteors – was caused by a space rock weighing no more than 88 lbs (40 kilos). Despite the meteor’s tiny proportions – about the size of a small boulder and the weight of an average 10-year-old boy – the impact damage was colossal and the explosion shone with the brightness of a magnitude 4 star.A similar strike against a city on earth would create a crater 65feet (20m) deep and create a devastating kill zone equivalent to TEN Tomahawk cruise missile striking in exactly the same place. Experts fear the death toll would run into thousands. Unlike the Moon the Earth has a protective atmosphere meaning most space debris burns up before it can impact.  But bigger meteors sometimes get through – most recently at Chelyabinsk in Russia where a 20 metre asteroid travelling at 43,000 mph breached the atmosphere and exploded with the power of 33 Hiroshimas.
July 7, 2017

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