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Nov. 2, 2017 So you don’t believe in Christ’s warning? You better watch this!


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Download The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth November 1 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora

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  1. Thank you Frank you have sorted out all the junk that is on youtube as some people have reported that earlier this month Jesus was to appear for the church; Scripture again is so vital.
    I now have some time to review your teaching on the Revelation and how you have revealed just what the Bible tells us. It seems from what you are saying we are going to witness the Antichrist coming to power and persecution.
    oh, I was hoping you were on the side of the Rapture of the Saints! Why are some pastors not interested in this subject? Does the church get judged before Christ comes back or should i say exposed? Why has Sweden taken this mark seen it on youtube footage on a commuter train to work and now Australia is doing this as a trial with ten people I know already what the outcome will be.
    Once again thank you so much; NZ new goverment new set of problems water going up boar water fees; food going to go up; our potatoes have been ruined by floods and rain; as to other fruit and veges; I believe some race riots will take place in our country with the Maori and their land deals

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