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Nov. 27, 2017 Lauren’s warning Jesus to return on Dec 12, 2017-My warning to Lauren!

Once again we have a date for the Lord’s return! This time this teaching was sent to me by Lauren. I tried to tell Lauren that this teaching is going to fail just the way that Scott Clarke’s teaching failed. Scott for 6 year prepared people to believe the rapture of the Church was going to take place on Sept. 23, 2017. However, when that date failed he changed it to the 24th of Sept. and when that failed he changed it again for a week later which that date also failed. Why? Because it was false teaching. Now Lauren is pushing that for the Dec. 12, 2017 date and that date to will prove to be false.  I am not sure who many people are following Lauren? I pray her following is small as I hate to see people mislead. Below I have posted what Lauren sent me so you can read it. Then you will see my reply to her.  Today Lauren sent me another email which I did not post here but I can tell you what my reply was to her. I said, let us wait until Dec. 13, 2017 and you will see that what you have been spreading was false teaching. 
I put this post up on Nov. 27th and on the 29th Lauren asked me to remove her email address).  The date setting from Lauren will become a issue between Jesus and Lauren on the 13th of Dec. when that date fails.
From: Lauren

Hello Frank,

You asked, “what is the date you or, the people you got this information from suppose to take place?”

Answer: 24 Kislev or December 12, 2017

Then asking, “What exactly is suppose to happen on this date?”

Answer: I have condensed the “what happenings” from my next mailing into seven short paragraphs that follow. Btw that mailing should go out tomorrow, Lauren

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Most followers in Christendom and Messianic Judaism don’t understand that the “sign” Yeshua’s disciples asked him in Matthew 24:3 was to the exact timing of his coming and the end of the age, the “WHEN” in Matthew 24:15.


There Yeshua said, it would be found from the prophet Daniel, in that [whosoever reads let him UNDERSTAND] those alive in the last generation would understand the exactness of his 1290 day countdown in Daniel 12:11 as to “when” the AOD will stand at the Kotel Plaza western wall, of which today is Judaism’s most “holy place” and NOT the old temple mount area now controlled by anti Israel Palestinian/Hamas forces.

With the fulfillment of Daniel 12:11, on what I believe is on 24 Kislev or December 12, 2017, the day Yeshua returns, when the “little horn” stops the continual prayers at the western wall and his army sets up an abomination that causes desolation, and fulfills the day “the LORD God, will lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstonea sure foundation” that being Yeshua and Isaiah 28:16! Have we got your attention?

From Haggai 2:18, Consider now, from 24 Kislev and forwardthe day that the foundation of the LORD’s temple was laidconsider it.

In Haggai 2:6-7, and 22-23 We read that ON A FUTURE 24 Kislev, God will shake the shake the heavens, earth, sea and the dry land, and destroy the throne of kingdoms and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the Gentiles and make Zerubbabel symbolizing that One from the line of David as a “sign” and choose/anoint him, the Messiah Yeshua.

Remember it is the “little horn” who destroys the city and the sanctuary/Kotel Plaza and western wall making it desolate, while even standing up against the Prince of princes/Yeshua Daniel 9:26b… and Daniel 8:25b… He is the same rider named Death on the pale horse of Revelation 6:8 on whom Hell follows and is given power to kill over the fourth part of earth for a limited “time, time and dividing time” from Daniel 7:25 and the one who “continues for a short space” from Revelation 17:10

It will be during this same limited time period also found in Revelation 12:14-17 that Yeshua will be before his flock in the wilderness standing in the strength and majesty of the Name of his God fulfilling Micah 5:2-5, for what we believe will be about 100 days and the “end of the age”, on March 20, 2018.

Yeshua so wanted us to [understand] the timing KNOWING that the book of Daniel gives us THREE other references to understanding the stopping the continual prayers at the western wall and setting up an abomination that causes desolation and their timing if we but read Daniel 8:11, Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:31 and not believe what we’ve been told in the writings and commentary of men, such as Robert Anderson, Cyrus Scofield, E.W. Bullinger, Hal Lindsey and the 1000’s who in the past 47 years have become “prophecy gurus” hashing over the same “483 + 7 future years” lie.

Frank, you compared me to Scott Clarke who told people to get ready for date that lead many of his flock in a direction Jesus did not want them to go”.


Frank, Scott like 99% of the 1000’s DID NOT READ THE 4 PROPHECIES pointing to the day of his coming, and ONLY UNDERSTOOD THE LIE brainwashed into their skulls by so called men of renown of which the majority died BEFORE the first year of 70 began on March 21, 1948!


They did lead the flocks in THE WAY YESHUA DID NOT WANT them to go!


Frank, If you have promulgated that “lie” or written a book wherein this “lie” has taken refuge and the flock who read it as hid behind its “falsehood”, REPENT and warn your flock, awareness is preparedness, the days to 24 Kislev are short and time is fleeting, an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one


This is what I wrote Lauren when I got her message on the 21st of Nov. 2017


I love your heart in the fact that you are watching in these last days. I truly believe you love Jesus!
In my ministry since 1977, I have seen many Christians fall prey to false dates. Most like yourself
truly believe on the date that was set for Jesus to return they only came to find out that special date was
misleading because Christ did not return as stated. I know at this point you do not believe what
I am telling you but, for your sake I need to say this. The tribulation has not started yet and therefore
there is no way Jesus Christ can return until all the requirements as set for in the book of Revelation
have been fulfilled. As with anyone who teaches a date of Christ’s return I have written you to warn
what is going to happen when on Dec. 12, 2017 Jesus does not return.  By misleading many Church
members and even unbelievers who may be watching what you said all you will be doing is as I said
to you before is  taking them down a false road. I know you love Jesus and I am sure you do not want
to be known by Christ for giving out a false teaching do you?  Think how you are going to feel on the
13th of Dec. 2017 when you see you gave out false hope and mislead many people?  On the 13th
you will have joined with so many others who took their place in fulfilling the prophecy concerning
watching out for false teachers and false prophets in the last days is that what you want?  As always
I have saved your message to me and will post that message. I have a copy of what you sent me this
way no one can say you did not state these facts.  I will give you a few days to think about what it
is you are doing in the hope that you will retract what your are spreading to others.  If you tell me
you have stopped I will not post what you sent me in order to spare you from the hardship to befall
you on the 13th of Dec. If I don’t hear from you by Friday I will post what you sent me and add what
I just wrote you here. Please Lauren pray about what you are about to do because I don’t want
you to get hurt.
In Love
A Brother in Christ
Frank DiMora
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