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Nov. 6, 2017 CNN’s Fake news Again!


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  1. Ben says:

    I have to say that when it comes to matters of Trump, it really feels like you are onsided.
    Trumpn is disrespectful and belittles people, he does not model Jesus what’s so ever.. I would ask you a question, is Trumps behavior one that Jesus would say well done my son in you I am well pleased?? I really would ask you to pray and ask God if Trump is the person you defend him to be. I pray that God will open your eyes to the kind of person Trump exhibits and truly is because I believe ask Jesus said you eyes but are not seeing. I am saying this from my heart because I believe you touch many people and do bring them to the lord, but just like Paul had to speak back to Peter about his behavior towards the gentiles, this is just another brother in faith speaking to you. God Bless

    • etrm says:

      Ever since Donald Trump began to surge as a candidate last year, many Christians which includes me have been pointing to the book of Isaiah and comparing Trump with the ancient Persian king Cyrus. Although I never did as some have, they even claimed that God had revealed to them that He will use Trump for the good of America just as He used Cyrus for the good of the Jewish people, even though Cyrus was a “pagan” king. There are many parallels today between Cyrus and Trump. We have not had a President in years who has made it clear he is supporting the Jewish State even so much as to tell the world he is making plans to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. This act alone shows Trump is not afraid to stand up for Israel and declare that nation as one that was placed their by God. In the video I am attaching you will see that V.P. Mike Pence speaking for Trump addresses the Embassy issue. As a Christian Pastor I do not like the way Trump acts or even speaks for that matter as it does not reflect a Christian way of life. However, we know everyone who has been placed in power was done so by Jesus. For whatever reason Jesus put Trump in office against all odds. That being said, if Jesus placed Trump in office who am I to berate God’s chosen vessel? If you noticed when I do post about Trump I post what He is doing for Israel. I not once ever said in any of my posts that I like how Trump is going about doing things. If I had it my way I would ask Trump to keep his mouth shut and have the Vice President speak for him as VP Pence acts like a Christian man. But even in that we need to allow Jesus to fulfill His own purpose which Trump and that includes his present way of speaking. You said I am one sided and your statement is true because Trump is standing up for Israel. If we do not stand behind Trump who is protecting Israel we turn leadership over to who the Democrats? By their record they have thrown Israel under the bus for the past 8 years and like king Cyrus Trump is working to change that. I am not blind to what is happening but, as long as I know Jesus has put Trump in office and he continues to befriend and protect Israel I will stand by Jesus choice! I hope and pray as King Cyrus changed that Donald Trump will also change the way he does things. I am watching to see what Jesus does with Trump. Now, may I ask you a question? Who do you support if you are not standing behind the man Christ put in office?
      Thank you for your note and God bless
      Frank DiMora

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