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November 3, 2017 Are you one of the luke warm one?


Download The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth November 3 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora

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Have you seen the evidence concerning the records being broken each year for the hottest temperatures on the Planet along with the mass number of fires burning at the same time?  Did you know Jesus gave us warnings about these same things? I doubt you will find another video showing you the hard facts year after year the intense heat Jesus talked about is pouring down on us.   You want to see hard facts what the glaciers looked like before and after as our planet sees the record heat? After you see these pictures there is little doubt we are in the midst of the birthpains Jesus warned us about.


Jesus also gave us a look at what the last days Church would look like. If you read Revelation chapter 3 you will run across the message to the Church in Laodicea. This is the last Church of the 7 that Jesus sent a message to.



There is no question our generation has reached and is now fulfilling the Laocicea Church period. What ever happen to Christians on fire for Christ. Back in the 70’s I used to run across Christians who were very eager to witness to someone. Over the years I have watched as the Church has declined in numbers and, I very seldom see on fire Christians witnessing for Jesus anymore.  The only ones I see doing witnessing are the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses but these organizations are giving out a gospel that did not come from Christ. You can read all about them in chapter 7 of my prophecy book.

In 2017, all I see are small pockets of the type of believer that Jesus talked about with the Church of Philadelphia.  Looking out into the world and seeing how slowly be surely faith in Christ is fading away. I now know why Jesus said the following in Luke 18:8 “I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the Earth?  Over the years people have begun to tune out people who talk about Jesus but it is even more reason why the Church needs to be engaged in witnessing for Jesus. We are now on the fact track in the last days lane and the fading fire in Christians has brought us to the LUKE WARM state just as Christ warned. If Jesus were to come to you today and ask you what do you think I think about your walk with me, what would be able to tell Him?  Could you show him via your walk that you have remained on fire or, will He know by your actions in this life you have joined the ranks of the luke warm? Think about it for a moment! How would you feel looking at Christ after He asked you that question only to find that He looked upon your life only to see Him turn His head away from you to spit you out! God forbid this to happen!!!

We are much to close to seeing the rest of the prophecy which have not yet been fulfilled to be playing Christian. Jesus is well aware of who the real on fire flock are. If you even think you are part of the Laocicea Church ask Jesus to forgive you. Ask Him to restore that flame that once burned brightly for Him.  I truly believe my messages to you are coming to a close soon.  I pray that whatever time I have left to witness Christ would touch people like yourself move closer to Christ not further away from Him.

For all of you who read this message today and still are rejecting Jesus’ salvation your day will come when you face Jesus face to face only to find out what people like myself told you was in fact the truth concerning the Messiah Jesus. For those of you who know they are still on fire for Christ, hold on to what you have in Him because He is coming again as He promised He would.  If you haven’t witnessed to anyone in a long time today would be a good time to begin adding fuel to your flame. E-mail my videos and my site link to your friends and family members who don’t know Christ yet and let my work join yours in the same goal which, is lead as many as we can before the Lord calls His Church home.




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