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Oct. 2, 2017 Scott Clarke the truth



For 6 and 1/2 years Scott Clarke has been teaching people about the Revelation 12 sign. This is the sign of a women clothed with the Sun, the Moon under her feet, and there is a crown of 12 stars above her head. Without setting a date Scott began to prep all his followers in thinking on September 23, 2017 that is the day the Lord’s Church would be born. Scott taught that the Church was not born at Pentecost as we were all taught but, that we should believe his new teaching. With this new teaching he prepped everyone watching his many videos that the rapture would take place on this Rev. 12 sign which as I said would appear on the Feast of Trumpets in 2017.  Fact is, the Feast of Trumpets took place on the 20th of Sept beginning at 6:pm not on the 23rd as he was pointing to.

Anyone who has done a study on the Book of Revelation knows that this Rev. 12 women sign takes place in the middle of the last week in Daniel’s 490 years that God would be dealing with the Jews. In order for Scott’s teaching to be accurate we would have to have already begun the last week or 7 years which would mean that the Antichrist was already here. The Antichrist would have already confirmed the 7 year covenant with Israel, the Jewish Temple would have already been built, and we should have been witnessing the Jews preforming their animal sacrifices that the Antichrist will stop in the middle of the 7 years.  Of course not one of these things have accursed. Scott has been so convincing that he was right he has managed to get a huge following behind him even if what he has been teaching was wrong.  When I mean wrong I don’t mean by Frank DiMora’s standards, I mean by what the Bible shows us that must take place and when. 


For 6 and 1/2 years we have heard the same message come from Scott and then on the day it was suppose to take place Scott of course began to filter out what he said. When September 23rd came Scott put up another video only now because of what he  had taught did not show up he began to change what he said. So, on the 23rd Scott said he had seen a more perfect day which was to be on the 24th of September 2017. When the 24th came and went Scott began to teach that the more perfect day was on the Day of Atonement but, now that day has also come and gone with the same results which is not one thing Scott prepped everyone to see ever took place. 

Scott has stated he is not a date setter, he didn’t have to set the date but what he did was  to repeat his message over and over again for 6 and 12 years until everyone just expected the fulfillment of it on the day he was stating. If Scott really didn’t want you to believe the date he set why did he have to keep altering what he had been teaching you for 6 and 1/2 years?  Fact is, Scott did not want his run to come to an end and in order to hold on to his followers he had to alter the dates which he did.  Even though Jesus said no man knows the day or hour Scott managed to convince his followers that the 23rd of Sept, the 24th of Sept. and then the Oct. Day of Atonement would see the Church being born, the rapture of the Church and God’s judgement come to pass. 

One of the methods politicians use when running for office is to say something about their opponent over and over again. The thing they are saying about the person may not even be true but, they know if they say it over and over long enough people will believe it. In like manner this is what Scott Clarke has done. Scott never had to set a date all he had to do is keep pointing to it and, people would think that was true and expect it!   So now what? What new teaching will Scott come up with?  What new date will Scott come up with?  I hope and pray that everyone who fell for this new teaching would come back to sound doctrine. Scott you should read Luke 12:40 You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.



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