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Oct 29, 2017


 1coverThe Last Chronicles of Planet Earth October 26, 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora

How to Add the Last Chronicles to your Electronic Device

Hi everyone, this is Frank DiMora. I wanted to thank everyone who has been coming to my site over the years. You have made it possible for me to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ and His Salvation and, to help keep you alert to these last day events. For the next 3 weeks I will be giving a prophecy seminar at Trinity Church in Lompoc. As a result of the time it takes to get ready for this seminar I won’t be able to post until after Thanksgiving. However, if something major takes places during the time I am giving this seminar I will be reporting on what ever it is that has happened. Don’t be surprised that with in those 3 weeks you hear of another major earthquake.

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  1. Faith Koger says:

    thank you Frank
    May God bless your seminar
    Will miss your posts

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