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New-ETRM-logo indexBible prophecy documentary book download proving our generation will see the return of the Lord. Do you want to know what is going to happen in the future before it actually takes place? The Word of God provides you with specific details about our future and all of these things are coming to pass in this generation. If you aren’t saved yet this is a must read! 

Download The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth February 7 2018 edition written by Frank DiMora

Do you want to know the truth about what Christians call (The Last Days)? What if a person came up to you and told you he or she can prove to you Jesus Christ is real and, He is the real savior of the world?  Would listen to what this person said?  In case this scenario has already happened to you and you chose to walk away from this person Christ has given you another change to have your name written in His Book of Life. How? Maybe your the type of person who is private and you didn’t want to engage in a conversation that deals with where you will go when you die?  Maybe you just didn’t have time to talk or, maybe you had some other excuse for walking away but the fact of the matter is, your soul has a required time. When your time runs out your changes to except Jesus as savior also runs out! Are you sure there is no HELL?  The word of God shows us anyone who does not receive Jesus as their Lord and savior will in no way be allowed into heaven. In other words you will go to hell.  Think this is a joke?  Are you going to gamble with the only soul you have been given by Christ? 

There are many reports of after death experiences. You may have heard people telling their story how they went to heaven and were allowed to come back. However, there are also many cases where people have gone into hell as well and were brought back to life.  I myself died and saw myself as I was leaving my body. I never made it past the ceiling of the room before I was given a shot to bring me back to life but, this I know, I was on my way to somewhere for eternity. I thank Jesus for allowing me to come back to life because when I was younger I was not walking with Christ.  The point is this, we are all going to come to the day when our time is up. After I was brought back to life I was given the chance to listen to people trying to give me the message of salvation in Jesus. Many of them I turned away however, one day I did stop and listened to what a Christian had to say about Christ.  That conversation challenged me to investigate truth. Could it be possible to see if Jesus was truth before I died again and faced judgement?   

I found the answer after reading the bible. You see in the bible the Lord in both the Old Testament and New Testament told us things that were going to take place in the future before these events actually took place. Once I knew what was said, (prophesied) I began to investigate the news to see if these very specific events actually took place.  Over and over again I saw for myself the proof that what Christ warned had come to pass in this generation. Now watching the news I can see the foot prints of the rest of the  prophecies coming to pass as well.  I have spent 48 years keeping records of how Christ’s warning for our future have come to pass.  The book you see above called The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth has all the documentation anyone would ever need to see as I have seen that Jesus Christ’s words are all true.  There is no other source out side the bible on this planet that has been 100% accurate in telling us what would happen in the future.   The prophecies Jesus has given to us is a love message!  He told us all these future events because He wants you to come live with Him. Christ knows that those who seek Him will find Him. 

Maybe you are a person like me who rejected the Lord’s love message many times before I stopped to listen.  Maybe the reason why you came to my post today was because Jesus wanted you to be here to stop and listen to what He has to say?  The only difference between you and I is this. I did all the work for you. All the proof I put together showing God’s word is true is given to you for free. I never intended my book The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth to take the place of the bible. It was written to show you the proof that would lead you to the place you should have been in the first place, the bible.  It is a face that while I was writing this message to you today many people died. None of those people knew the day and hour their soul would be taken.  I pray that everyone taken would have seen Jesus face today for the first time and be escorted by Christ into heaven but, I know there may have been many people who would be faced with an eternity of hell  today as well because of their rejection of Christ as Lord. Finding out Jesus is the Messiah is the most important moment in anyone’s life. Please don’t let that day take place on judgement day!!!!! That day will be to late to change the outcome of where your eternity will be spent.  

Jesus I give you thanks that you have given me another chance to touch many lives today. I give you thanks for all these 48 years you have given me to reach as many as I could for you. Like all things in this life everything come to an end. I pray that anyone who reads my message today if they haven’t received you as their Lord today that would end! Let today be the beginning of a new reborn life in Christ today.  Say yes to Jesus.

Frank DiMora

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  1. Helen Bilowus says:

    God has blessed you to teach us. Thank you for making His word so clear.

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