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August 8, 2017 Up-date on Jason Johns family


Updated @ 12:00am, 8:29

From Jason Johns:
“Thank you all for your continued prayers, love, and support. After 5 long days of battling Elise has gone to be with Jesus. There is a time to hold on and a time to let go. We have been holding on hoping, fighting, and believing for a miracle but for Elise it is time to let her go. I do not pretend to understand why some get healed and some don’t. The thing we don’t let go of is our faith and belief that miracles do happen and that God is good! Our deepest pain has turned to rejoicing! As I sat here undone in a state of numb shock that my baby is gone trying to think of what to say, Kaden came running from Hopes room yelling, SHE MOVED HER FEET DAD, SHE MOVED HER FEET! So on the heals of gut wrenching heartache we have our miracle! We will keep you all updated on when the service will be to celebrate Elise’s life! Thank you again for all the love!!”

Thank you to everyone who has poured your prayers, tears, donations, nourishment and love into this family the past five days. We continue to ask for prayers for Hope to be healed with FULL mobility in her fingers, hands, arms and legs. We believe that Hope will walk her way out of the hospital! Until then, we continue to pray for her body and for the the clinicians at Children’s Mercy who are working with so much love to give her care. Hope has 1-2 nurses by her bed 24/7 aside all her family. Each nurse has built a special bond with Hope learning the ways she communicates. She’s able to mouth what she wants and is fully aware of her surroundings. With the gift cards you’ve donated through Amazon (see requests below) we’ve been able to order her a specialized iPad holder so she can watch her favorite movies right beside her.

Special note: Elise’s little Brother ran in from his Sister Hope hospital room to tell his Dad baby Hope is moving her toes!  When they checked he was correct. Jesus is already moving to heal Hope so keep praying.

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