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Dec. 1, 2017- ***151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem


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Headline: Palestinian rivals delay full Gaza handover by 10 days

Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas agreed on Wednesday to delay final transfer of power of the Gaza Strip from Hamas to the Palestinian Authorit by 10 days to December 10 to allow time to "complete arrangements", officials said. The factions signed a reconciliation deal brokered by Egypt last month after Hamas agreed to hand over administrative control of Gaza, including the key Rafah border crossing, a decade after seizing the enclave in a civil war. The deal bridges a bitter gulf between the mainstream Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, an Islamist terror movement.
Nov. 30, 2017,7340,L-5050048,00.html

Headline: IAF fighter jets fire on terrorist positions in central Gaza Strip

IDF tanks and aircraft fired at six targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday after Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of 12 mortar shells toward an army outpost. Calling the firing of the projectiles a “serious attack,” IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said the projectiles were aimed at the IDF post and a cement factory on the northeastern edge of the Gaza Strip where construction crews are working on Israel’s new underground border barrier. The mortar fire set off alarms that were heard in Sderot and the Sha’ar Hanegev region. Train service in the area was temporarily halted and resumed an hour later, Israeli media reported. The IDF carried out two rounds of strikes near dusk. Tanks and aircraft hit two Hamas posts and two others that belonged to Islamic Jihad shortly after the barrage. Two additional strikes against PIJ posts were carried out by the IAF shortly afterward.
Nov. 30, 2017

Headline: 151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem as part of six anti-Israel resolutions it approved on Thursday in New York. The vote was 151 in favor and six against, with nine abstentions. The resolution came as the Trump Administration was rumored to be actively considering relocating its embassy to Jerusalem. “The president has said that he has given serious consideration to the matter, and we’re looking at it with great care,” US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. She added that US President Donald Trump had until December 4th to make a decision on the embassy relocation or waive the matter for another six months. In New York, only six countries out of 193 UN member states fully supported Israel’s ties Jerusalem: Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, the United States and Israel itself.
Dec. 1, 2017

Headline: Palestinians warn of violence if Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s office warned Friday of the potential destructive effects if US President Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move they say would deny their claim to East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. “The American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel destroys the peace process,” president Mahmud Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement to AFP. “The American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem involves the same level of danger to the future of the peace process and pushes the region into instability,” he said. The warning comes as Trump is due to decide by Monday on whether to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to the disputed holy city.
Dec. 1, 2017



Headline: Jordan Won't Allow Israeli Embassy to Reopen Until 'Justice Served' to Security Guard, Source Says

Jordan will not allow Israel to reopen its embassy in Amman until it has launched legal proceedings against an Israeli security guard who shot dead two Jordanian citizens in July, a Jordanian diplomatic source said on Thursday. Israel must also be able to assure its Arab neighbor that "justice has been served" in the case, the senior source said, asking not to be named. The embassy was closed shortly after Israel hastily repatriated the guard under diplomatic immunity to prevent Jordanian authorities from interrogating him and taking any legal action against him. The Israeli ambassador and embassy staff were pulled out. Israeli sources said on Wednesday they were planning to replace Ambassador Einat Schlein at the Amman embassy in an effort to improve ties. However they did not address the long-standing Jordanian demand to take legal action against the security guard.
Dec. 1, 2017

Saudi Arabia

Headline: Saudis shoot down Yemeni rebel missile near Khamis Mushayit

A ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels into Saudi Arabia was shot down on Thursday near the south-western city of Khamis Mushait, the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya channel reported. It was the second ballistic missile fired from Yemen this month, after an earlier rocket was brought down near King Khaled Airport on the northern outskirts of the capital Riyadh. A Saudi-led coalition fighting the Iranian-backed  Houthis in Yemen has closed air, land and sea access to cut off Iranian arms supplies.
Dec. 1, 2017


Headline: Russia Negotiating Deal for Its Warplanes to Use Egyptian Bases

Russia has approved a draft agreement with Egypt for Russian warplanes to use Egyptian military bases, in a move allowing Moscow to increase its military presence in the Middle East. The draft deal was published on November 30 after being signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on November 28. It requires the Russian Defense Ministry to negotiate details of the agreement with Egyptian officials. As outlined in the draft plan, the deal would allow each country's military to use the other's air bases for a period of five years, which could be extended if agreed.
Dec. 1, 2017


Headline: Erdogan Says U.S. Sanctions on Iran Weren't Binding for Turkey

Turkey’s president has argued that his country did not break a trade embargo on Iran as it hadn’t committed to abide by U.S. sanctions, and there were no United Nations restrictions in place, the Hurriyet newspaper reported on Friday. The comments at a Thursday meeting of Turkey’s ruling party came hours before Erdogan was for the first time implicated in a plot to help Iran evade U.S. sanctions. The Islamic Republic was only released from UN curbs imposed over its nuclear program in January 2016, when a multi-lateral accord struck the year before was implemented. “We have not broken an embargo,” the president was cited by Hurriyet as saying. “The world does not consist of the U.S. alone.”
Dec. 1, 2017


Headline: Iranian Envoy Says U.S. Won't Succeed In Pushing Iran Out Of Syria

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says U.S. efforts to push Iranian military advisers and fighters out of Syria as part of a deal to end the war-torn country's six-year civil war will not succeed. "The aim of the U.S. administration is to get Iran out of Syria," Zarif said on November 30 at a conference in Rome. "The U.S. and Russia cannot decide for Iran. We are there at the request of the Syrian government," Zarif said. "It's our region. It's the Persian Gulf, not the Gulf of Mexico. We are going nowhere."
Dec. 1, 2017


Headline: At least 1 dead in Honduras post-election protests; Still no winner declared

At least one person was killed during protests Thursday in Hondura's capital city of Tegucigalpa after the country's electoral commission failed again to declare a winner in the presidential race that many say was rigged. Police threw tear gas at opposition protesters, who responded with rocks and burned tires, the Guardian reported. At least one man was reported dead and several others were injured during the confrontations. Carlos Dada, a journalist for Honduran newspaper El Faro, tweeted that there have been riots, looting,burned-down toll booths in San Pedro Sula and attacks by Honduran security forces throughout the country.
Dec. 1, 2017

Headline: Somali Soldiers, 12 Militants Killed in Al-Shabab Ambush

At least two Somali soldiers and 12 militants were killed Friday when al-Shabab militants attacked a convoy in central Somalia, according to a senior regional official. Militants ambushed a convoy carrying the Hiran regional governor, Ali Jeyte Osman, and other top military officials, near Hees Village, about 80 kilometers northwest of the regional capital, Beledweyn. "We have killed 12 of them and … we lost two soldiers," General Ahmed Mohamed Tredishe, commander of the Somali National Army in the region, told VOA Somali. He said the governor and others traveling with him survived the attack and continued their travels.
Dec. 1, 2017

Headline: Pakistan attack: Gunmen storm Peshawar training college

Gunmen have stormed a college in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing at least nine people and injuring 36. At least three men disguised in burkas arrived in a rickshaw and entered the Peshawar Agriculture Training Institute on Friday morning. All of the attackers were also killed, the army said. The Pakistani Taliban said they had carried out the attack. The college was thought to have been closed for the Eid-e-Milad holiday. At least one blast was heard from inside the campus, according to media reports citing the military. Police and army commandos cordoned off the site. Eight students and an office worker were killed, police said.
Dec. 1, 2017


Nov. 19, 2017–Thousands of fish and other sea life wash up in Toubacouta, Senegal

Nov. 22, 2017–Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a river in Etrelles, France

Nov. 23, 2017–Mass die off of fish in a lake in Guangxi, China

Nov. 24, 2017–Thousands of dead fish wash up in Kapiti Coast River, New Zealand

Nov. 27, 2017–More dead turtles wash up on the coast of El Salvador

Nov. 28, 2017–Over 40 dolphins dead in Tuticorin, India

Nov. 28, 2017–Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Bethel, Alaska

Nov. 28, 2017–Thousands of dead starfish wash up on the coast of Sakhalin, Russia

Nov. 29, 2017–Thousands of dead fish wash up in Chennai, India

Nov. 29, 2017–Mass die off of fish due to red tide in Sanibel, Florida


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