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End Times Mission with Frank DiMora


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  1. Martie de Jager says:

    Frank, thank you for updating the world on these serious issues.

  2. alicia lopez says:

    Dear Frank – I read the comment by Alicia Wofford on your facebook. I was so grieved that God had me pray for her and her whole church. Please tell her there are no contradictions in His Word. He had the children of Israel kill some tribes of people in the land of Canna. Those people were the seed of the fallen angels NOT created by God. There is a lot I would like to point out, but I think we need to PRAY & FAST for our brothers and sisters who are being led astray.

  3. Helen Bilowus says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures you shared. Beautiful people doing God’s work.

  4. Karen Warman says:

    How can I receive the book or any books on the end times and signs of Jesus work free

  5. Cathelina says:

    Dear Pastor:

    My Father who was a minister for over 40 years, left this world on November 17th. As I watched him become weaker, I read the Bible to him and sang songs. I asked him what he would like me to read to him and he said Revelation 20 and 21. After reading these chapters, my Father asked me to read Frank Dimora. My Father and I read your book and followed you with many discussions We have learned so much from your ministry.

    Thank you for all you do….I continue til heaven bound. God bless you!

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