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June 12, 2017-Iran Sends Warships To Oman


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Headline: Israel cedes to PA demand, cuts Gaza electricity by 40%

The drop in electricity is part of the PA’s push to pressure Hamas to rescind its control of Gaza. Israel’s security cabinet agreed late Sunday night to cut the electricity it sends to Gaza by 40 percent, now that the Palestinian Authority has said it intends to only pay 60% of it’s monthly bill, Army Radio reported. The 2 million people in the Hamas controlled Strip will now have only two to three hours of power a day, down from four hours of electricity they have lived on since April. On Sunday, the NGO Gisha — Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, wrote a letter to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman urging him not to further reduce power. “The diminished supply of electricity has serious and far-reaching implications: one hundred million liters of untreated sewage are pumped into the Mediterranean Sea daily,” Gisha said. “Water desalination stations cannot operate; sewage cannot be pumped away from residential areas; generators are over-extended; entire hospital wings are shut down during blackouts, and people who rely on life-saving equipment are at risk,” Gisha explained. The UN has made similar comments but has not offered an alternative. Liberman, at a meeting of Lobby for Diplomatic Vision for Gaza at the Knesset on Monday addressed this issue saying, “Hamas cannot take taxes from people of Gaza,” and “For the first time, Gaza residents realize the current crisis has no connection to Israel.” The Defense Minister added, “We have no intention to take a military step or to restrain ourselves when there are provocations. We will respond with full force. The ball is in the field of Hamas. Sinwar must decide whether his children will be shahidim hiding in tunnels or travel around the world with no fear.”
June 12, 2017

Headline: Settlements must remain under Israeli control in peace deal’

Headline: Israel approves largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu clarified Israel’s position regarding the future of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria under a potential final status agreement with the Palestinian Authority, telling senior Trump administration officials that Jewish communities outside of the major blocs must remain under sovereign Israeli control. According to a report by the Haaretz daily on Sunday, the Israeli Prime Minister told senior Trump administration officials that Israel would not accept the evacuation of tens of thousands of Jews living outside of the major “settlement blocs” likely to be annexed under a possible final status agreement with the Palestinian Authority.Netanyahu is pushing for Israel to not only leave the communities outside of the major blocs intact, but to retain Israeli control over “enclaves” of Jewish population centers surrounded by a future Palestinian state. Netanyahu has pushed the issue during talks with Trump administration officials over the past few months, the report claims, including during US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s trip to Israel last week. The Prime Minister reportedly told the ambassador that he is interested in pursuing a final status agreement that would allow all Jews now living in Judea and Samaria to remain in their homes.
June 12, 2017



Headline: Jordan shoots dead 5 approaching its borders from Syria

Jordan’s army said on Sunday its border guards killed five people who were approaching its frontier from Tanf, a Syrian desert town where US special forces training opposition fighters are based.
The town has been a flashpoint in recent weeks, as militias backed by Iran have tried to get near the US garrison, prompting US coalition jets to strike back. Tanf lies near the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway that was once a major weapons supply route for Iranian weapons into Syria. The Jordanian army said it destroyed a car and two motorbikes in the incident. The army statement did not give any details of the identity of the men and whether they were smugglers or militants in the area where Jordan’s northeastern borders meet both Iraq and Syria.
June 12, 2017

Saudi Arabia

Headline: Saudi soldier killed in ‘terror attack’ in restive east

A Saudi army major was killed and two other soldiers injured when their night patrol came under a bomb attack in the country’s eastern Qatif province, the Interior Ministry said early Monday. In a statement, the ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki described the incident as a “terror attack”, which occurred late Sunday night in the Masoura neighborhood. Al-Turki said the slain soldier was identified as Maj. Tariq Ben Abdullatif al-Alaki. The wounded are not in critical condition, he added. Saudi Arabia’s Shia-majority eastern region, especially the provinces of Qatif and Dammam, has recently seen a spate of attacks on local security personnel.
June 12, 2017

Headline: Suspected al Qaeda militants attack Yemen army camp, 12 dead

Headline: Sudan plans to send additional forces to Yemen amid heavy casualties

Suspected al Qaeda militants launched a car-bomb and gun attack on an army camp in southeastern Yemen early on Monday, leaving at least 10 militants and two soldiers dead, a military official and residents said. The assault near the town of Baddah in oil-producing Hadramout province came after a lull in attacks by the Islamist militant group. Attackers set off two car bombs outside the camp, the official said. Residents said they also heard gunfire after two loud explosions. “Our soldiers foiled the attack and managed to secure the camp and we are still pursuing those who have escaped in nearby farms,” the official told Reuters by phone.
June 12, 2017,7340,L-4974675,00.html 


Headline: Syrian army and allies step up bombing of rebels in Deraa city

Headline: Syrian-Hizballah massacre in Daraa: 140 dead

The Syrian army and Iran-backed militia forces have escalated attacks against a rebel-held part of the southern city of Deraa, a possible prelude to a large-scale campaign to wrest full control of the city, rebels and residents said on Monday. The intensive raids and bombing strikes mainly pounded the southern part of Deraa, strategically located on the border with Jordan and where the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad erupted six years ago. The Syrian army has recently intensified dropping barrel bombs, drums or cylinders packed with shrapnel, and has fired hundreds of so-called elephant rockets on Deraa’s old quarter and a former refugee camp nearby, rebels and residents said. The army has not commented on its troop build-up in Deraa or the escalating aerial bombing. State media has long branded the rebels as foreign-backed “terrorists”. More reinforcements from the army and its allies, the Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah and Shi’ite Muslim Iraqi militias, are also being rushed to the city from several locations near the capital, Damascus. Rebels say the troop build-up and relentless aerial bombing in recent weeks pointed to a major campaign for what the FSA rebels see as a decisive battle. “Everything indicates the regime is preparing for a large-scale military campaign in Deraa in which they plan to encircle the city and reach the Jordanian border,” Rayes said.
June 12, 2017

Headline: US-backed Syrian fighters seize parts of Daesh ‘capital’ Raqqa

US-backed Syrian fighters said they had seized a second district of Raqqa on Sunday and launched a renewed assault on a base north of the city, as they pursued an offensive against Daesh.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that broke into Raqqa after announcing the start of a final assault on the city last week said its fighters “liberated the neighborhood of Al-Romaniya on the western front of Raqqa, after two days of continued clashes.” It was the first time the SDF was reported to have taken a western district of Daesh-held Raqqa, which its fighters are bearing down on from the east, west and north. The SDF previously seized control of the district of Al-Meshleb in the east
June 12, 2017


Headline:Suspicious Iranian links to blast in Iraq’s Karbala

The blast that killed three people and injured 15 others on Friday in the Iraqi city of Karbala had an Iranian link, sources told the Arabic language of Al Arabiya News Channel, Al “After the explosion and during the investigation and inspection on Friday night, the Iraqi intelligence forces arrested five Iranians who had explosives and remote control devices at the area near the blast site, in the eastern Abbasid,” an official said on condition of anonymity. “The security forces transferred the Iranian detainees to the Karbala intelligence headquarters for interrogation,” the source said. “But minutes later dozens of Brigade Ali Akbar and Badr Organization militias supported by Iran surrounded the headquarters of the intelligence of Karbala.” The source said the militias demanded the release of the five Iranian detainees but their request was rejected by the head of intelligence, who emphasized that he will hand them back only to authorities in Baghdad. The refusal led the armed militias to break into the intelligence headquarters, where they took the five detainees and the head of the intelligence department. The militias released the head of the internal intelligence department at dawn on Saturday at about 4:30 am, but the fate of the five Iranians is still unknown, raising doubts about the involvement of Iran in the Karbala bombing.
June 12, 2017










Headline: Iran Sends 2 Warships To Oman, Flies Food To Qatar

If there was any confusion on which side of the Qatar crisis Iran found itself, it was swept away today after Iran’s Tasnim news, cited by Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, reported that Iran plans to send two warships to Oman on Sunday. The two ships will depart using Iran’s southern waters off the port city of Bandar Abbas for an overseas mission to the Arab Peninsula state and then on to international waters. On Sunday, the 47th flotilla, comprised of an Alborz destroyer and Bushehr logistic warship, set sail from the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, Tasnim reported. From Oman, the ships will then head to the Gulf of Aden and international waters north of the Indian Ocean. At the same time, Iran’s 46th flotilla consisting of a Sabalan destroyer and Lavan logistic warship, is due to return to Iran on Sunday after completing a two-month mission to secure naval routes and protect merchant vessels and oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden. Separately, Reuters reported that amid food shortages after Qatar’s biggest suppliers severed ties with the import-dependent country, Iran has dispatched four cargo planes of food to Qatar and plans to provide 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetable every day. Qatar has been holding talks with Iran and Turkey to secure food and water supplies after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut links, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism. Qatar, which has claimed the terrorism-funding allegations are lies, on Friday hired John Ashcroft to serve as a PR crisis mediator in the US and to defend against terrorism accusations, for which he will be paid $2.5 million for 90 days of his time. “Following the sanctions … on Qatar, IranAir has so far transported food and vegetables to this country by four flights,” Shahrokh Noushabadi, head of public relations at Iran’s national airline, was quoted as saying by Fars news agency. The head of the industries, business and trade organization in the Fars province was also quoted by the Tasnim news agency as saying on Sunday the first planes carrying food to Qatar had flown from the southern city of Shiraz.
June 11, 2017


Headline: Afghanistan shooting: 3 US soldiers killed are identified

The Pentagon on Monday released the names of the three U.S. soldiers killed in an attack by an Afghan army soldier over the weekend.The U.S. soldiers were identified as:  – Sergeant Eric M. Houck, 25, of Baltimore, Maryland; Sergeant William M. Bays, 29, of Barstow, North Carolina;  – Corporal Dillon C. Baldridge, 22, of Youngsville, North Carolina. The soldiers were shot Saturday in Peka Valley, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. A fourth U.S. soldier was injured in the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the act. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says in a statement that a militant loyalist had infiltrated the Afghan army “just to attack foreign forces.”
June 12, 2017


Headline: Led by Islamists, Thousands of Moroccans Rally in Support of Northern Protests

Thousands of Moroccans led by an Islamist movement rallied in the capital Rabat on Sunday in a massive show of support for protests against corruption and official abuses in a northern region that have tested authorities for weeks. Chanting against “ruling mafia” and carrying portraits of detained activists, protesters packed Rabat’s Bab El Hed area and marched toward the parliament, with most from the Adl Wal Ihsan (Justice and Spirituality) Islamist movement. Political unrest is rare in the North African kingdom but protests around northern city Al-Hoceima since October have been the largest since the 2011 “Arab Spring”-inspired rallies that prompted the king to cede some powers. The participation of Justice and Spirituality is significant. A major player in the 2011 protests, the movement is banned from formal politics, but is the only opposition group able to mobilize on a massive scale. “We came out to protest about the social reality in Morocco,” said Lamia, a school teacher who came from the northern city of Tetouan to the Rabat rally. “We’re here in solidarity with Al-Hoceima, to demand dignity.” Police estimated the rally was more than 10,000 strong, though Justice and Spirituality said it was much larger. It was the most significant political rally in Rabat since the 2011 unrest and smaller leftist groups and labor unions, as well as some parliamentary opposition parties, also participated.
June 11, 2017

Headline: Islamic State calls for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, Asia during Ramadan

An audio message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State called on followers to launch attacks in the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the Philippines during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which began in late May. The audio clip was distributed on Monday on Islamic State’s channel on Telegram, an encrypted messaging application. It was attributed to the militant group’s official spokesman, Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer. The authenticity of the recording could not be independently verified, but the voice was the same as a previous audio message purported to be from the spokesman. “O lions of Mosul, Raqqa, and Tal Afar, God bless those pure arms and bright faces, charge against the rejectionists and the apostates and fight them with the strength of one man,” said al-Muhajer. Rejectionist is a derogatory term used to refer to Shi’ite Muslims. “To the brethren of faith and belief in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and others. Your brothers in your land have done well so take them as role models and do as they have done.”
June 12, 2017


Headline: Venezuela ministry takes over police in opposition state

Headline: Peru calls for regional action to avoid Venezuela ‘sea of blood’

Venezuela’s interior ministry has taken control of the police force in the opposition-controlled state of Miranda. The ministry accused Miranda’s police of human rights violations and involvement in criminal networks. The state, governed by the opposition leader Henrique Capriles, has seen some of the biggest protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Mr Capriles said the ministry’s intervention was a political attack on the state. He said the ministry was now in charge of all police activities there. “It’s clear they’ll try to use the police against the people,” he said. Mr Capriles urged the police to disobey any orders that violated the constitution.  More than 60 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Venezuela over the last two months.
June 12, 2017

Headline: Surge in Suspected Boko Haram Attacks Hits Northern Cameroon

Headline: Boko Haram Claims Deadly Attack on Nigerian City

Suicide bombers attacked two border towns and a military base in northern Cameroon over the weekend, according to local officials. The violence is part of a recent string of attacks in the border area attributed to militant group Boko Haram. Five suicide bombers crossed from Nigeria into the Mayo Sava division of northern Cameroon on Saturday, said Babila Akao, the most senior government official in that area. He told VOA by phone that the bombers were targeting the towns of Mora and Kolofata, but only two were able to detonate their vests. During an emergency security meeting the day before the attack, Akao said, soldiers and members of the local self-defense groups had been deployed to control the northern entrance to Mora from Nigeria and seal all entrances into the towns and surrounding villages, if necessary. He said the blasts claimed no victims aside from the two bombers, but many self-defense group members were wounded. He said security forces shot dead a third suicide bomber and are searching for two attackers who ran without detonating their vests.On Sunday, the government announced that another suicide bomber had blown herself up at a military base near Mora, killing one soldier.
June 12, 2017

Headline: Anti-Kremlin protesters fill Russian streets, Putin critic Navalny detained

Baton-wielding riot police broke up anti-corruption protests and detained hundreds of demonstrators in Moscow and other Russian cities on Monday soon after arresting opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The protests, called by Navalny, a strong critic of Russian President Vladmir Putin, drew thousands of people and were some of the biggest in Russia since 2012. “Russia without Putin” and “Russia will be free” chanted the demonstrators, including many young people, who crowded into central Moscow on a public holiday. Navalny, who is mounting a long-shot bid to unseat Putin in an election next year, had called for mass protests in Moscow and other cities against official corruption. The Kremlin has dismissed Navalny’s graft allegations, accusing him of irresponsibly trying to whip up unrest.
June 12, 2017,7340,L-4974968,00.html


Headline: U.S. Weeks Away From A Recession According To Latest Loan Data

While many “conventional” indicators of US economic vibrancy and strength have lost their informational and predictive value over the past decade (GDP fluctuates erratically especially in Q1, employment is the lowest this century yet real wage growth is non-existent, inflation remains under the Fed’s target despite its $4.5 trillion balance sheet and so on), one indicator has remained a stubbornly fail-safe marker of economic contraction: since the 1960, every time Commercial & Industrial loan balances have declined (or simply stopped growing), whether due to tighter loan supply or declining demand, a recession was already either in progress or would start soon. And while we have repeatedly documented the sharp decline in US Commercial and Industrial loan growth over the past few months (most recently in “We Now Know “Who Hit The Brakes” As Loan Creation Crashes To Six Year Low”) as US loans have failed to post any material increase in over 30 consecutive weeks, suddenly the US finds itself on the verge of an ominous inflection point.  After growing at a 7% Y/Y pace at the start of the year, which declined to 3% at the end of March and 2.6% at the end of April, the latest bank loan update from the Fed showed that the annual rate of increase in C&A loans is now down to just 1.6%, – the lowest since 2011 – after slowing to 2.3% and 1.8% in the previous two weeks.
June 11, 2017


June 2, 2017–Tons of dead fish removed from a reservoir in Ceara, Brazil

June 5, 2017–Huge Fish Die-Off in Washington’s Puget Sound

June 5, 2017–Thousands of Dead Fish Surface in Concho River Texas

June 6, 2017–40,000 lbs of fish die in a reservoir in Fujian, China

June 6, 2017–Baby turtles found dead in Cancun, Mexico

June 6, 2017–Zimbabwe: Poultry Producer Culls 140,000 Birds After Avian Flu Outbreak

June 7, 2017–Over 600 cattle have died due to drought in Quintana Roo, Mexico

June 7, 2017– Culls, poultry transport ban as S. Korea fights bird flu outbreak

June 8, 2017–Thousands of dead fish found in the river Elsa, Italy

June 8, 2017–Cattle killed by ‘mysterious disease’ in Kurram, Pakistan–Mysterious-disease-kills-40-cattle-in-Kurram-village

June 10, 2017– Dead gannets washing up on the shore of southern Maine and Massachusetts

June 10, 2017–Twenty three thousand animals killed in 700 km of Brazil beaches in two years

June 11, 2017–Massive die off of fish in a fish farm in Lingshui, China


Headline: Cholera kills 923, infects 124,000 people in Yemen

The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Yemen has risen to claim 923 lives and the disease has infected 124,000 people, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Monday. The figures are now higher than the previous numbers provided by the World Health Organization.  The WHO said on Friday that cholera killed almost 800 lives and was suspected of sickening about 100,000 people. The WHO said the number of suspected cholera cases had risen to 101,820 with 791 deaths as of June 7. In a joint statement with UNICEF, it said that children under the age of 15 account for 46 percent of the cases.
June 12, 2017


Headline: Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them

Violence broke out in Shanggiu in Henan province after 300 police officers and officials demolished the Shuangmiao Christian Church—which was under construction.  Officers dragged out around 40 Christians with one worshipper comparing the brutal scenes to the Japanese invasion of China during the Second World War, according to charity China Aid. Eight Christians remain in custody following the incident amid a crackdown on churches by the communist regime. China Aid said: “During the demolition, officials beat dozens of church members, pushing them to the ground and twisting their hands. “The church was completely razed, and a church member likened the scene to the Japanese invasion of China during World War II. “Of the 40 Christians seized, eight are still in custody, and the cases of Shuangmiao Christian Church pastor Zhang Di and the church’s vice director, Lü Yuexia, were recently transferred to the Procuratorate, which will decide whether or not to formalise their arrest.”The Supreme People’s Procuratorate is the highest agency in China responsible for prosecutions. According to churchgoers Xi Jinping’s Communist Party ordered the church to be destroyed after branding the building an “illegal structure”. Party officials were sent to the church to search the building and belongings of people on site.
June 11, 2017


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