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Sept. 25, 2017- The Scott Clarke Wash out! Now it’s the Day of Atonement




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For 6 1/2  years Scott Clarke has been posting videos pointing to what he says he found by doing a study of the Revelation 12 women sign. Among his teaching he came to the conclusion that the Lord’s Church was not born on Pentecost and, that the Rapture of the Church would in accordance with the Revelation 12 sign no doubt take place September 23, 2017. I went to Scott’s Youtube channel and warned him about his false teaching and that nothing was going to happen on September 23, 2017. I told him there would be no rapture of the Church nor would the Lord’s Church be born on September 23, 2017 because, the Church was born on Pentecost.

After posting my warning to Scott’s video on the Rev. 12 sign I read many comments from his followers telling me I am a scoffer because I didn’t believe in what Scott was teaching. On September 23, 2017 when finally the world saw Scott’s 6 1/2  years of work go down in flames I figured that would be end of it, I was wrong. On September 23rd Scott made an attempt to keep his teaching going by telling his viewers there was now a more perfect date date which he gave as September 24, 2017. I saved Scott’s video to show you his exact words in case some of his followers called me a liar. If Scott takes down the video he made on September 23rd I have it stored for anyone who wants to see the truth. Today is the 25th of September and Scott and the people he mentions in his Sept. 23 video have all been proven to be fail teachers. It is going to be interesting to see how he tries to explain why none of what he told his followers came to pass.

What is sad is Scott has driven a wedge into the Church. He created a division among Christians who actually believed the rapture would take place on the 23rd and those who pointed out know man knows day or hour.  Does this sound like any thing Jesus would want? Ever since I was placed in this ministry I have keep asking people to remain in sound doctrine as Christ has asked of us.  I issued warning after warning over the past 8 years that one of the last day signs Jesus pointed out was that false prophets and false teachers would arise in the last days. However, in those 8 years I have seen many people fall prey to come crazy teachings. This times me there are many Christians who are not on guard which in these times very dangerous.

Since Scott Clarke has spent 6 1/2 years pushing the Church was not born on Pentecost and the Revelation 12 women sign shows the rapture I want to give you someone else’s insight into what Scott has done these past 6 1/2 years. Below you will see the headline in red which was written by ALAN E. KURSCHNER of Eschatos Ministries. The information below was taken from Kurschners report on Scott. Please follow the links.

September 24, 2017 – A More PERFECT Alignment for Revelation 12?

WOW! The moon! I am still watching and I hope to encourage you with a small hope. There is something about the 24th that makes more literal sense to me thanks to my friends Gary, Jeff and Brad. Links below!


Afterthoughts on Scott Clarke’s Failed Rapture Prediction and the Gospel-LESS ‘The Sign’ Documentary – Ep. 97



Below is the comment I left from the endtimesresearchministry at Scott Clarke YouTube Channel.



One of my jobs as a minister of Christ is try and protect the Church from any one who has come up with a new teaching that is in conflict with what Christ has taught. Since Scott has come up with a new teaching I wanted to point out the errors in hope people would reverse course and follow sound doctrine.

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