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September 12, 2017/Rapture September 23, 2017 examine what is said


 1coverThe Last Chronicles of Planet Earth Sept. 6, 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora


Now that you watched my video let me state that I truly believe that the rapture of the Church will take place on the Feast of Trumpets. However, what year is the question? Each year I warn people in my Church and at my web sites to get ready to meet the Lord just in case.   If anyone where to be looking for the rapture this year it would be on the real Feast of Trumpets day which this year is based on the Jewish calendar September 20th 2017 not on the day in which Scott Clarke is suggesting.  In the back of my mind there is still the problem of the Antichrist has to be revealed first as stated by the Apostle Paul.   I would love to see Jesus pick up His Trumpet on the 20th of September to call the Church home but something inside of me is saying it isn’t the time. However, it could mean that Jesus is going to do something else on this day such as fulfilling the confirming of the 7 year covenant with Israel or, who knows maybe even a major war against Israel.  I wish I could give you all a concrete answer to the dates between September 20th and September the 23rd. 

There is one video I found very interesting. I liked this video because the Pastor used facts that already occurred in the past to point to getting ready for the rapture.  In Pastor Mark Biltz’s video below you will see he gives the same date for the Feast of Trumpets this year as I pointed out to you. Mark does mention the Rev. 12 sign but as you will see from him that sign comes after this years Feast of Trumpets. Mark even tells his audience the same thing I tell mine which is, each year around the Feast of Trumpets he gets ready just in case Jesus has chosen this year to call the Church out.  I know that on the 24th of this September all of us will know for sure if the Antichrist has to be revealed first before the Church can go home. If September 20-the 23 comes and goes and there was no rapture that will seal the deal I believe that the man of sin will be revealed before the rapture. 

I know that someone may say, “Frank that means you don’t believe what Jesus says that the Man of sin has to be revealed first?”   What if the Man of sin was already revealed and we missed it? That would be the only way the Church could be called out then.  I never question what Jesus says and, as I said, I do believe the Church will know who the Antichrist is by his confirming that 7 year covenant found in Daniel 9:27.  I will be glad when the 24th of September comes because either I will be in Heaven with Jesus with all the true believers or, I will be back at this post to try and help all those people who counted on the rapture of the Church to truly take place on the 23rd as Clarke has shown in his many videos.  

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