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Prophecy Up-date for Feb. 14, 2013/Mark of the beast coming?


Because I am still in the jungle in Costa Rica I am unable to give you a commentary on each news report.  For those of you who live in the Atlanta Ga. area I will be speaking there April 20, 2013. I will provide all the details when I get back to America.  Please pray for me as I continue to see doors open to preach Jesus here in Costa Rica.  I also need prayer as my book has taken off in Africa again and many desire to get a copy so I will need our Lord to provide as I never charge anyone to get my book or the Bibles I send.


If I can’t post here at my site please check my Facebook page for the latest news:


Prophecy News from End Times Research Ministry 2-14-13
Before you read this first report which you see the headline in green I want you all to know I have someone who is in the Gaza right now. This is what he wrote me today and I wanted to pass this on to you.
Hi Frank, I am sitting in Israel and near Gaza and this report by the Iranians is not true. 

Headline: Israeli tanks enter northern Gaza, open fire near farmers




The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth Ministry continues to bless others in need.  We are touching one life at a time for Christ as you will see from the latest report from Africa. Click link below:


End Times Research Ministry Missions Update Kenya 2-13-13 Pastor Joshua

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